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Some of the things we've done

Weather Effects in Simulation

Storm Chaser is a proof of concept application currently under development by AgileSrc LLC. The focus of Storm Chaser is to deliver a capability that fully integrates realistic environmental data and effects with game technologies. The goal of the application is to not only demonstrate the benefits gained by utilizing realistic environmental data for training and mission rehearsal but also to take advantage of the after action review data that is collected.

UAV Weather Simulator

Tank Simulator UAV Weather Simulator UAV Weather Simulator


Storm Chaser has a fairly straight forward set of initial features and functionalities. The set of key features being developed includes the following:

  • Pilot a UAV plane with possible land vehicle targets scattered throughout the environment

  • Information window to display the environmental parameters

  • Impact events, such as severe temperature changes, turbulence, and visibility impacts, which simulate real-time weather conditions that affect the flight

  • Visual rendering of precipitation based on:

    • Type (rain, snow, hail)
    • Rate

  • Visual rendering of clouds based on:

    • Type
    • Percentage of coverage
    • Cloud size

  • Heads-up weather overlay of the full game area to see weather pattern

  • Adjustment of ambient light based on solar/lunar illumination

  • Pilot the UAV and other entities in the environment over the network using protocol data unit (PDU)